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Hi! I am a flirt friend of Tom Gop, whom probably most of you already know. For those who don`t know Tom Gop... well I am gonna tell you a short sexy story about a rastafarian frog with dreadlocks who lives in the redlight district of Bangkok and calls Amsterdam his second home. Tom Gop is in reality an animated sex character that has yet to hit the english speaking scene. Extremely popular in Thailand and other Asian countries, this slimy, stoned, sexy green frog with dreads will make you laugh out loud!

The Tom Gop series is a unique story about sexy encounters and adventures that Tom and his friends have in their daily search for thrilling orgasms and fun filled nights in the major cities of the world. In the Thai language, prounounced Tom Gop meaning frog soup and through sex and humour these characters get away with alot of shit. The intended general audience is between the ages of 18 and 50 although being filled with sex related cartoons and pornograpchic nude images of sexy young babes and mature women there is a tendance for older visitors as well. Senior men who seek something to remind them of their younger past refer to Tom Gop for adult entertainment with a twist as it is produced by an early generation of internet buffs.

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 The site contains politics and political humour as well, taking pokes at the democrats, republicans, liberals, communist and socialist parties. Thaksin prime minister tried numerous times to close down the Tom Gop site without suceeding as the controversial website contained sexually explicit images of teenboys and dirty movies which was a true description of current local events. Detailed reports on these activities flourished and now the Tom Gop website after numerous media reports has become an icon and new cult legend on the internet.

It has also become the attention of many Washington politicians, senators and representatives of the house have demanded a new vote to renew international and national funding. In London, the national Parliament has been besieged by requests from members to financially support the cause because of its unique content and ability to keep them horny at the office. An MP in the news recently described Tom Gop as the best adult fiction on the web. He claims that the webpages from Tom really do make grown men hard and horny for sex, because he recently has been soliciting an escort near Piccadilly Circus.
The pormsite is proud to recognize the Tom Gop series and wait in anticipation for the english version of the rasta frog from the seedy side of the asian sex scene. Instant winnning ticket when you reach TomGop, because the dreadlock black n green stud from Bangkok is a really cool pornwebsite with celebrities for adults.
Sindex from Index-Sex.com reviewed the Thai version of Tom Gop and gave it a high rating and positive review..
Sindex quote"TomGop original site although unreadable (thai language) by this author is a content enriched cool site with amazing images and animation."

The sex detective Miss Marple from the TV movies also was able to review the site before her untimely death in 2006. She said that Tom Gop was an interesting subject new on the internet and has pleaseed a wide spectrum of groups as followers to this new cult trend on the web. During this interview she also mentioned a cool pantyhose lovers sex site for fetish women in pantyhose and ripped stockings. A real slutty look she said was the attraction to this panty fetisch.

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The 2005 F1 series has started with controversy as well with Team Minardi having sanctions imposed in the Australian Grand Prix. Most formula one fans though frequent the tracks in Europe, with Italy being the host country with most important races. In Italy, teh ferrari team fans outnumber all other team fan clubs when it come to this motorsport events. I call them "Ferrari Fanatics" or moto italiano freaks... which is a good definaition of the people who pay over $100 us dollars for a general admission ticket. The Ferarri team is a car club that brings excitement to the race even though they have been the leaders for so long. It would be nice to see the competition be able to compete with the same equiptment and motors. Teams like Sauber who own second hand Ferrari motors will never beat Ferrari who have an edge above all the rest. Drivers points and the contructors competition has been for many years a one sided win for the same teams year after year. The european car builders association sponsors motorsports events and includes the F1 series through its promotional products. You can buy cool motorsport sextoys with team logos on them as well.The formula fans have been spending lots of money and it is a tale that they meet before the races in carparks for sex. The actually meet 1 week before and set up tents and stalk campgrounds and have sex in the woods or in near public bathrooms.Racetrack Dogging at the British Grand Prix will be very popular this year at Silverstone raceway.

The German fans are a bit more relaxed at Hockenheim speedway, because most are drunk from the strong beer and lack of sunshine. The race in germany is usually pestered by rainshowers with intermittent sunshine but a party is usually found there with lots of bratwurst in the pussy and big titten frauen. Last year I saw that there was a temporary tattoo studio set up and guess who I saw? Tom Gop!! This sexy young rog was getting tattooed and drinking beer... and hanging out with the race models. He is a cool pimpin fro he is... very popular and from what I^ve heard soon to be a world famous celebrity. I can imagine a fantasy trip to see him probably showing up at the Monte Carlo GP with some really hot french actress.

Last years rumor in Monte Carlo was the Tom GOP and friends were seen aboard the yacht from the king of babes land... and fishing with King Donkey! And now this part of the story gets better as you read because the races in europe have a long history of TomGop stories of sex, romance and revenge.Characters include jayde the spade of hearts, a feaky female teen slut who is on vacation with Richard from the national sexrealm parliament of free porn.The most hard Meat that she could take was 12 inches from two guys, but they were ferarri fans. Another character in the story is a Lord Hungry For Possy, and this royal stud sponsors and supports motorsports through ticket sales and hawking. His girlfriend is loose and gives out to all his friends behind his back. There are pictures of these of all his girlfriends here getting banged hard in the ass and pussy. Tom Gop even hangs sometimes with the famous Indian swinger porn star Anjali and can go hours with some anal-stimulation and a liter of top performance car fuel.

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